I Am Now Published!

01 Dec

As of today, I am a published author. My short story, Damascus, was printed in Warp and Weave magazine’s Fall 2011 issue, and won 2nd place for prose. Here’s a little bit about the story.

Damascus takes place on a small, isolated space station, a research station, sometime after humans have spread to the stars and begun colonizing other worlds. Though Damascus does not explicitly mention aliens, it does briefly mention the war with the Aen Tesaad, which will be discussed in more detail in my work-in-progress. Damascus is concerned with the war to a large degree, because the researchers on the space station are in the business of soldiering. They don’t take to the battlefield themselves, of course; their work is largely in the training and covert manufacture of elite soldiers.

The story is about a man who can, and a man who can’t. Subject 175 can calculate the trajectory of two-dozen missiles at once, and chart a path through them in real time, but he can’t free himself from the masters who lease him to one warmonger after another. Doctor Andrews can’t perform any great feats of skill or agility, but he can offer the reluctant soldier a way out – if he chooses.

Edit: I’ve posted the full text on its own page. Enjoy. :)

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