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For the last month, all of my projects have been on the back burner. All except one. I’m proud to announce that I’ve completed the JuNoWriMo challenge; to write 50,000 words during the month of June.

I’ve also completed the first draft of an entirely new novel, one which I hadn’t planned on writing until I had two of its prequels under my belt. But events conspired to make this the novel I was most prepared, and most motivated, to complete.

Now, 50,000 words is hardly a complete novel for the genre – High Fantasy – that A Lion’s Tears belongs to, but it’s a good start. The draft reached a total word count of almost 54,000, and I’m adding to it daily. My planned total word count is somewhere around 80,000 words or more, between fleshing out scenes, adding a new character, and expanding upon some character relationships.

Now for some background on the novel. A Lion’s Tears is based on about a year’s worth of roleplay on a Wheel of Time themed Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) called A Moment in Tyme. That said, it is neither fan-fiction nor a roleplay log – it has evolved into a new and complete story in a unique fantasy setting. However, fans of the Wheel of Time novels may find familiar elements in the story for that reason. I also credit the Japanese comic book series Pandora Hearts for much of my inspiration.

Irovel, the heroine, possesses a double-edged gift – her voice can sway anyone, even command them to obey. But the sorceress Glietta wants that power for her own. Irovel must choose between hiding what she is or protecting those she loves – a choice made harder when the sorceress bewitches one of her closest friends.

Please enjoy the second draft of the first two chapters of A Lion’s Tears. All feedback, comments and critiques are welcome at this stage, and if enough of you like it, I may release more chapters this way in the future.

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