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The Veil

A bit of fiction that popped into my head while I was writing something completely different. …Or is it?


People don’t see what they don’t want to see. Call it the Veil, or Gnosis, or Paradigm, or maybe something else; the name doesn’t matter. What matters is that it buffers ordinary people from the strange, the arcane, the paranormal.

When you see something that doesn’t fit into your paradigm, you forget it. Oh, at first when you find yourself running from a werewolf on the full moon, or a unicorn charges down main street goring holes in every car that honks at it, you might see it truly for what it is. Some people never will; their grip on what they perceive as reality is too tight.

If you have enough imagination to believe in the incredible, you might see them for what they really are, at first. But then you get away. That werewolf? A drunken gang member. Or maybe it was a mugger. The unicorn? A seven-car pileup, exacerbated by a freak snow-storm. They even said so on the news.

You make up the story in your head, one that fits your paradigm. And then you forget. Maybe it lives on as a memory from a book you can’t remember the name of, or a fragment of a movie you saw in a DVD store window. Maybe as a clever bit of fiction you’re going to write down as soon as you have the time to do it justice.

Believe me when I say that strange things are going on all around you. You’ve seen them yourself. Deny it all you like; it doesn’t matter. The memories live on like echoes, in dreams and stories, because the reality just might drive you mad. But I need you to remember now, because I’m about to show you something very, very strange.

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