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WIPMarathon Check-In #1

I need a bit of a break today. I just finished rushing to revise a short story submission for a contest, and I’m a touch winded, so instead of diving directly back into Pegasus Chained draft 3 (going great so far though!) I’m going to toss up one of these #WIPMarathon posts so many of my tweeps are into lately.

Last Check-in Wordcount + ChapterCount (+ scene count if you’re revising):
Not relevant, since this is my first. The last time I checked though, I was at 83K on my main project.

Current WC + CC (or SC):
Looks like my main project, Pegasus Chained, is up to 85K. The short story I just tweaked ended at 2700, up 700 words-ish from the first draft.

WIP Issues this week:
Hmm, let’s see. Biggest issue was deciding how to tackle the rewrite of chapter 3. My editor was all, ‘Oh, that’s so 80s sci-fi!’ and at first I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s the point,’ but then I realized that I could do better. So I dug in and researched a new solution, wasting about 3 hours on dead ends.

After sleeping on it (really, I woke up like 90 minutes later and knew what I needed to do, but I managed to put it off until morning), I got to work again and ground out 5 of the most grueling paragraphs of my life. But they were amazing. And the rest of the section was amazing. And the next section had so much more potential that it just was missing out on doing it the old way. And then the last section, which I thought I wouldn’t have to touch, I managed to pack in some amazing character backstory, as well as introing characters I just hadn’t thought to expand upon in the first draft.

All in all, the chapter gained a lot this draft. Now I’ve got continuity for the entire rest of the novel to overhaul, but such is life.

What I learned this week in writing:
Hmm. I learned how to ‘kill my darlings’. I really was proud of that first draft, but having stepped back from first writing, I realized it was too cutesy and not nearly as powerful as it could/needed to be. And the new draft managed not only to incorporate all of the vital plot points from the first draft, but gained a rich wealth of foreshadowing and character foundation that I’m going to be able to build on later.

What distracted me this week while writing:
I discovered a new musician whose work I absolutely love. If you’d like to waste an hour listening to some awesome music and watching some amazing videos, check out Lindsey Stirling’s hip-hop violin.

Last 200 words:
“Major Daniels just pulled me out of Decryption. He hasn’t told me anything.” There was something, she saw now, in several large alcoves to either side of the office section. All Rosa could see of them from here was a bit of white metal. “What are they?”

“You don’t even know?” Corporal Holloway asked.

“That’s Daniels,” said Private Rago. “He never say nuttin’ if he can get somebody else to say it for ‘im.”

“Come take a look,” Holloway said, walking out into the empty space of the hangar. “You can see them better from out here.”

Rosa followed her a good thirty meters out, where she turned and nodded back the way they had come. Behind the catwalk, docked in the alcoves like suits of armor on display, were four enormous machines. Each was shaped differently, with varying equipment, but they were all obviously combat units. Prototype Tactical Armors.

But … they were huge. Nine to nine and a half meters tall, almost twice the height of any other TAG on base, and different in other ways as well, she thought. They stood like statues, unmarked and gleaming with a flawless white sheen that Rosa very much suspected was indirium. They must have cost a fortune, and not a small one.

Rosa stared up at the extravagant war machines and let out a slow breath. I can’t possibly be qualified for this, she thought.

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