WIP Check-In – Mid-August 2014

15 Aug

Felt like doing this a little early given that school starts next week and my productivity is likely to drop after that. I also feel like I’ve just been cruising through these edits this month, so let’s take a look.

WIP Title: Pegasus Chained

Last Check-in:
137K words.
52K archived.
Total words added (in 30 days): 26K.
63 chapters.
3rd draft: Ch. 43.
4th draft: Ch. 17.
5th draft: Ch. 3.

Current Wordcount/Chapter Count:
143K words.
61K archived.
Total words added (in 11 days): 15K.
64 chapters.
3rd draft: Ch. 47.
4th draft: Ch. 17.
5th draft: Ch. 5.

WIP Issues since last check-in:
It’s all pretty much fresh rewrites here. I glance at the old draft occasionally, steal bits of dialogue here and there, but so much has changed continuity wise, there’s a whole slew of extra characters, so much more depth of characterization, that almost none of the actual prose is relevant. Once I near the end I might be able to use more of the previous draft again, but I fully expect to have as much in the archives as I do in the final draft.

What I learned in writing:
As I mentioned last time, sometimes I’ve had to throw out a lot of junk before I find a character’s true personality. I did that with another minor character (who becomes major in the sequel, so it was important to get him right) in this last round of rewrites. Fixing most of it is a job for the 4th draft, but I’ll get there eventually.

What distracted me while writing:
School might not have started yet, but all my children’s school books arrived. They’re pretty much ready to dive right in, and I’ve indulged them a little bit. It takes away from my writing time, but more importantly it saps my creative energy, leaving me with less to spend on writing.

Last 200 words:

Wes jogged back up the trail, scuffed and sore, until Victor came to get him. The Krasiviian’s hover set down precariously on a wide part of the trail and Wes hopped in. Shipley was already inside.

“What happened?” Victor demanded, taking them up but holding position. “Aaron said he heard gunfire.”

Wes avoided meeting Victor’s gaze. “I missed,” he said. “She got away.” He didn’t know what was wrong with him, letting his aim slip like that. He’d head-shotted Tesaad in his combat sim from farther away than that.

Victor breathed a sigh of relief and turned them back toward the mountain.

“Aren’t we going after her?” Wes asked. “She’ll give away our position!”

“It is too late for that,” Victor told him. “Word just came in from Raven; Olympus has been compromised. These mountains will be crawling with soldiers by morning.”

Wes chewed his cheek and turned his gaze westward, though he couldn’t see anything through the back wall of the hover. The ominous feeling was related to the NDF’s approach; of that he was sure. But why did he feel nothing at letting Walker escape?

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